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My Cool Caravan's top five touring caravans

juin 23, 2010
par Guest | guest posts

When sourcing the touring caravans which featured in the book 'My Cool Caravan', which I co authored with Jane Field-Lewis, my 'favourite' caravan changed on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Was it the shape, the use of the space within, the rarity or the cool factor...? It was most likely a mixture of all, but if I had to list my top five it would go as follows.

Franks caravan




1) Franks

It just shows us how unique people can be and for not giving a hoot what others may think in the process.




Land Yacht caravan





2) Airstream

For the mark they have made and continue to make with their amazing iconic looks.





Constance caravan



3) Constance


In recognition of Sam Alper's achievements in bringing quality affordable caravans to the masses.




Canned Ham caravan




4) Canned Ham


For its Route 66 style which it oozes from every square inch.



Willerby Vogue caravan



5) Willerby Vogue


The unique quintessentially English design and for the materials used.






We would still love to hear from anyone who has a 'cool caravan' or maybe tell us what your top five caravans are and the reasons behind your choices.

Chris Haddon

My Cool Caravan, by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon

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