Can I set up a separate family rate?

If you wish to set up family rates on your listing, please bear in mind that our system does not allow you to differentiate occupancy. This means that even though we set family sites very clearly, some customers may still end up booking the wrong thing. If you still wish to go ahead and set up family rates, please log in to your manager portal and follow these steps:
1) Site type name: specify this is a family site and clearly state how many adults/children are included.
e.g. Family non-powered grass site (2 adults, 2 children)
2) Site type description: state again the type of occupancy included in the rate, plus the age of the children.
e.g. Rate includes 2 adults and 2 children up to the age of xx
3) Price settings: the price must be inclusive of the total number of people included in the site. No extra people should be allowed on the site. This is because (as stated above) the system is unable to recognise what is included in the rate and therefore search results would lead to an incorrect rate. e.g. Price per site, included 4, maximum people 4
4) Go to 'Campground/Park info' in the portal, select the 'Terms and conditions' tab, and add a note to your 'Terms' stating that the rate of the family site includes xx adults and xx children up to the age of xx.