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The weather may be turning and the days drawing in, but glamping in October is an excellent way to make the most of the crisp autumn weather. Whether you’re new to glamping or have done it several times already, we’ve gathered together hints, tips and inspiration to help you make a success of your October glamping getaway. 

Blow away the cobwebs this half term with an October glamping trip

October half term glamping 

All sorts of options are available for half term holidays, from luxury pods to cosy cabins and geodesic domes where you can fall asleep under the stars. You could:

  • Go foraging for fruits and herbs in the countryside (it’s probably best just to take photos of mushrooms unless you’re already experienced in picking them, though).

  • Make the most of the wild weather for a scenic cycle ride somewhere like the New Forest or the Peak District, both of which are full of off-road trails.

  • Head to an RSPB or wetland reserve on Britain’s east coast to spot migrating bird species arriving from Scandinavia.

Half term dates vary around the UK, with English and Welsh pupils typically getting a week off roughly a fortnight after Scottish schools. Check your local authority’s term dates using the UK Government website, as even within countries the precise times for October half term and other holidays can vary. 

October half term glamping is a great option for busy families who could benefit from the ease and convenience of a self-catering break rather than traditional camping. As well as being a treat for the kids before they go back to school, a half term glamping break is an excellent way to see the UK’s autumn scenery at its best, to enjoy exploring the countryside before the darker days of winter or to celebrate an unforgettable alfresco Halloween. 

Some people are surprised to learn that glamping is still possible outside of the high season, but many of Pitchup’s top glamping sites are open in October, with some welcoming guests all year round. A range of different styles of sites are available, from tiny glamping sites to family-friendly holiday parks, rural farm sites and coastal campsites with glamping

It’s easy to find family-friendly accommodation and activities at half term too. Some sites have their own kids’ club or play area to keep the little ones entertained, while others are close to castles, theme parks and other attractions that host special autumn or Halloween-themed events. 

Woodland walks in October

Why go glamping? 

Glam it certainly is, but going glamping in October has a range of practical benefits too. First, there’s the fact that the weather is typically a fair bit chillier this side of the September equinox, so you’ll probably be quite a lot cosier in a purpose-built accommodation unit than in a typical tent. 

Glamping also provides you with a lot more possibilities than conventional camping when there are rain clouds on the horizon. On rainy days, having wifi, an indoor kitchen, a TV or just enough indoor space to read a book or play a boardgame can feel like a godsend. 

When you think about it, going glamping is also a great time-saver. Half term is only a week, so if this is your only time off in October you’ll want to make the most of it. Assembling, checking and packing up all your camping kit, setting up a tent and then packing it all away – only to set it back up for airing and cleaning once you get home – can be fun when you’re in the mood, but there’s no denying it’s a very time-consuming business.

Types of glamping accommodation available in October

Glamping comes in all sorts of styles, ranging from the functional to the luxurious. Find out more about each of the categories below.

Luxury lodge glamping in Scotland


Wooden structures like lodges and cabins can be great for October glamping. Sheltered within their walls, you’ll have a fab and roomy base for all sorts of autumnal explores with the family. With plenty of space inside, it’s usually easy to find lodges and cabins with amenities like bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor space or a decking area. Keep your eyes peeled for add-ons like hot tubs, logburning stoves and welcome hampers if you’re looking for a bit of luxury. To really make the most of the autumn foliage, meanwhile, check out our treehouses and sleep at the top of the canopy.  

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Like lodges, pods are wooden structures that are well suited to October glamping. Smartly set up, modern in terms of design and self contained, pods typically contain a small kitchen space and separate sleeping quarters (although this can vary) and often come with a decking area or some private outdoor space. Pods almost always sleep up to two and sometimes have enough space for larger groups and families too – great if you’re planning a half term getaway for your whole travel tribe.

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Shepherd’s huts

Shepherd’s huts are another smart October pick, as these rural glamping units are often found on family farms that come alive during the autumn harvest season. Usually on wheels and made out of wood and/or corrugated metal, shepherd’s huts are modelled on traditional mobile shelters used by herders, so they’re designed with simplicity and cosiness in mind. While pods and lodges can vary in size, shepherd’s huts are typically quite standard in terms of their proportions and are usually best suited to couples (although there may be room for a third adult or child guest too). If you like to have your own facilities, it’s possible to find shepherd’s huts with an ensuite bathroom and a kitchenette. 

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Bell tents and tipis

When most people think of glamping, the first thing that springs to mind is probably a big pre-pitched canvas tent with proper beds and lots of soft furnishings inside. These units generally just have an open sleeping and living area, although larger safari tents may have separate rooms. Glamping tents may have access to a kitchen (indoor or outdoor), a private toilet and shower and a barbecue or firepit, although tents with access to just shared facilities are also available if you’re on a budget. After an even cheaper option? It’s also possible to find unfurnished bell tents where you bring your own air mattresses, bedding and sleeping bags – all of which is reflected in the price. 

Staying in a bell tent, tipi or wigwam can still be an enjoyable experience in the autumn, although it’s a little more adventurous than staying in the solid structures above and you’ll need to pack accordingly (see our list below). This is the option for you if you don’t mind wrapping up warm but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up your own tent. 

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 Get cosy in a bell tent this autumn

What to pack for October glamping

What you’ll need to pack for October glamping will depend on the kind of accommodation you’re staying in, how long you’re away for and where you’re travelling. 

For glamping tents, it’s particularly important that you take lots of layers, extra blankets, hats, gloves and thick socks to keep you warm at night. You may also like to take a hot water bottle or two to warm up your bedding and thermal underwear (or at least proper pyjamas) to sleep in at night.

All glamping guests will benefit from bringing waterproofs (including waterproof trousers if you’re planning on lots of long walks), a torch or headtorch, an LED lantern, insect repellant, sun cream, a lighter or matches. All of these can be bought online or picked up at outdoors shops for relatively little. Check whether or not your accommodation includes towels, linen and bedding before setting off (these may also be available to rent once on site). 

Coming just for a short break? Packing cubes are a great way to organise your clothes and keep everything tidy when travelling with limited luggage. They also allow you to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate, although you can also use a plastic bag. Make sure you have room for essentials like a first aid kit, spare batteries, and big refillable water bottles, though. 

Holidaying for the whole of half term? You may want to think about bringing a few more domestic essentials like washing-up liquid or dishwasher tablets, salt, pepper and other condiments, cooking oil or butter and tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Slippers and dressing gowns are also great for lazy days when you don’t fancy going out, while to keep the kids entertained you could bring board games, wildlife identification guides, craft supplies, a pumpkin-carving kit or string and a drill for games of conkers. 

Find your October glamping escape

Whether you want to secure your spot at a holiday park for half term or are on the lookout for last-minute October glamping getaways, Pitchup has a wide range of sites to choose from throughout the UK and beyond. Use the calendar to find availability for your dates and select the tick-box filters on the search page to find an October glamping stay that works for you. 


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