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Wow! Our business turned around and zoomed within 5 days of joining Within 3 hours of going live we were getting bookings. It's the best move we have made and wish we had done it so long ago.

Gillian Henshaw, Bluebell Farm Holidays, UK
Start taking extra bookings just works on mobile and desktop

Feature icon We match your outdoor accommodation site - whether you offer camping, caravans, glamping or all three! - to thousands of customers looking to book. We can send bookings to you around the clock from customers ready to book there and then, and take the ache out of payments and getting customer reviews.

Feature icon You get extra bookings, media promotion, and the ability to flex how much you want to sell through us – and all without any sign-up fees, upfront costs or tie-in periods.

Feature icon We've sent over 3,300 bookings to our top-selling site in just one year.

No risks, no upfront costs, and payment direct to your account

...using the Stripe payment process has proved to be a great decision - payments are grouped by day and simply appear in our bank account!

Julian Sayer, Cheddar Petruth Paddocks, UK

Feature icon We've made this as straight-forward as we could - no tricks, no special clauses. We take a competitive commission of 15% (you can reclaim 2.5% if VAT registered in the UK) but there are no other costs or fees, ever.

Feature icon We only take a commission when we do our job and bring in bookings for you. We won’t make anything if you don’t.

Stripe dashboard

Feature icon Getting paid is simple too. We work with a payment company called Stripe. Their system powers’s Payup, which bills the customer’s card and sends the deposit to and the balance directly to you on the due date. You can also opt for payment on arrival.

Feature icon With no 'payment gateway' fees, it should even be cheaper than your existing payment service.

No more ‘no shows’, no more time spent chasing payment, just extra money in the bank.

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High-quality customers who are ready to book, even when you’re shut

The professionalism of the team is clear; they are fast in their email responses and very friendly in the telephone calls... We were also surprised by the number of bookings received this year.

Manuel Loiseleux, Camping Le Valjoly, France

Feature icon Consider this: our customers have their card in hand and are ready to book with you, so don’t let them go elsewhere.

Feature icon gets up to 155,000 visits a day, and evenings are among the most popular time to make a booking when most sites have already closed for the day.

API Integrations

Feature icon Online booking through means you can take bookings at any time – at 3am, at the weekend, during the school run or on holiday. We've had bookings from more than 1m customers in 99 countries so far.

Feature icon Already got your own online system? We can make it go further. Integrate with and get extra bookings, all in one place. Over £75,000,000 in bookings taken so far

Reach customers from all over the world languages menu

Feature icon 1bn+ nights are spent in outdoor accommodation each year globally and so far we've taken bookings from 99 countries.

Feature icon is an international company and is available in 17 languages. We work with an international team of over 30 native-speaking professional translators with extensive experience and multilingual backgrounds.

Feature icon Our website has been translated into French, Spanish and Italian. We're also translating into German, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and Catalan, to ensure that customers globally can read information about your site – and then book a stay – in their native languages.

We keep things easy for you too by fully translating our manager portal and FAQs,
so you can manage your site in any of our 16 languages other than English.

Still unsure? Don’t be - you still call the shots

Campsite rules and policies

Feature icon It might feel risky to start taking bookings through us, but rest assured: we’ve got you covered. It’s your business, and your site, so you get to specify the kind of customers and bookings you want.

Feature icon You control your allocation and who books with you - if you don't want stag/hen parties, single-sex groups or children, then that's no problem.

Feature icon You can specify costs for different seasons, accommodation types, extras and special offers.

Feature icon Try it now, and in 30 minutes, you could be ready to launch today. We’ll give you all the support you need to get the job done.

Our way of working is friendly, straight-forward and designed to make everyone a happy camper - read more testimonials here.
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