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Tranquil Pines Walnut Cottage

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  • Загородный домик в 2 км от деревни Соросад в долине Коппань
  • Между двумя термальными курортами Тамаши и Игал
  • Посреди фруктового сада

In need of a quiet cottage retreat? Fancy staying among a land spilling over with thermal spas and spectacular countryside? Might you also quite fancy being near wine tasting tours and within easy driving distance of Lake Balaton’s southern shore? Then take a peek at this precious little cottage pad, set between the two spa towns of Tamási and Igal and surrounded by hiking and cycling trails galore.

Nearby Igal is a veritable water babes’ bounty, for the spa waterpark there has no less than 12 pools fed by the region’s abundant thermal waters; also in the village you can get royally pampered with spa treatments like salt therapy, Finnish sauna, hammam and oh-so calming tropical showers.

Tranquil Pines Walnut Cottage is a smashing self-contained bungalow with two-bedrooms set in the quiet and comely little village of Szorosad in the Koppány valley. This cute little Hungarian cottage has been decked out with everything you might need for a comfy family stays: a cosy living room with plenty of lounge seating to sink into; a well-equipped kitchen with appliances like a big fridge/freezer, an electric hob and oven, a microwave and other handy appliances and kit; a dining room next door that leads into the leafy and lush garden; and a modern and smashingly spacious bathroom.

Outside, the lovely manicured cottage garden is where to spend your sunnier days: there’s lots of grassy space to stretch out on, under the shade of trees or in full sun, surrounded by flower beds filled with blooms and, beyond that, the wide Somogy county countryside. Also around your country cottage garden are lots of long-established walnut trees and other trees that in season bear the fruity likes of apples, peaches, plums, pears, cherries and figs, so if you’re here at the right time you might well be in for a few juicy treats during your stay.

When it comes to local amenities, your pretty village setting makes you handily placed for several: the nearest supermarket, doctor’s surgery, library and post office are a mere two kilometres away.

Sharon and Andrew will meet you at the cottage (at the time you stipulate upon booking) to give you a friendly hello and hand over the keys. They also can also provide airport transfers to and/or from Budapest Ferenc Liszt and Hévíz–Balaton airports for an extra fee, so just make sure to let them know upon booking if you need to avail of their handy service.

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  • 5 Arany Janos Utca, Szorosad, Igal, Шомодь, Венгрия, 7285
  • Часовой пояс Europe/Budapest +0100 (GMT+01:00)   GPS 46.6021°N 18.0218°E

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Что интересного рядом

Natch, the beaut bucolic setting of this cottagey charmer has you splendidly set for gentle leisurely pursuits like extended strolls, scenic pedals and fishing in local waterways. You’re also splendidly set between the two resplendent spa towns of Tamási and Igal for dips, splashes and pampers among Hungary’s health-giving thermal waters. Igal’s thermal baths lie among the Igal valley, 35 kilometres from Lake Balaton and 25 from Kaposvár, and the town’s smashing spa park is supplied with wondrously warm 76 degrees-centigrade water that wells up from 651 metres below the ground and flows into nine pools around the complex.

Bus services around the locale run right from the end of the road, making carless trips to Kaposvár, Siófok and the southern shore of Lake Balaton a breeze. It's around 45 minutes’ drive to Lake Balaton's southern shoreline, its perimeter fringed fably by beaches all around and surrounded by Hungary’s vast volcanic lands. Siófok’s kid-friendly beach is a cracking spot to take the kids on a day away from your comely cottage or, if you’re travelling sans tiddlers, then you might then instead opt for sits, sips and scoffs among the eateries and bars that line the town’s Petőfi walkway.

The county seat and arty city of Kaposvár, within 40 minutes’ drive, lies handsomely among the hills that flank the upper valley of the Kapos river: it’s here you should head for an historic wander round to scope out its ancient castle ruins, 18th-century parish church and restored 11th-century Benedictine monastery.

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  • Что интересного рядом с Tranquil Pines Walnut Cottage? Natch, the beaut bucolic setting of this cottagey charmer has you splendidly set for gentle leisurely pursuits like extended strolls, scenic pedals and fishing in local waterways. You’re also splendidly set between ... Читать дальше
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