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Camping L'Ardechois

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You probably know the Ardéche mainly because of the famed Pont D'Arc in the tourist village of Vallon Pont D'Arc in the region's south. But far from here and far away from tourist throngs, in a beaut green mountainous area, peaceful Camping L’Ardéchois is hidden.

And once there? Grab your fishing net and rubber ring – for it's time to jump in the river. You won’t have to go far to do so, as the Glueyre river runs past the edge of Camping L’Ardéchois. From the little sandy beach you can wade out into the calm waters to swim or clamber on the rocks to see what kind of critters you can find with your fishing net. The less active can, of course, just gently float along in a rubber ring while gazing up into the trees on the riverbank.

The river isn’t the only swimming option at this site – there’s also a heated outdoor pool and a shallower kids’ pool, both surrounded by a flower-filled sun terrace with loads of sun loungers and umbrellas.

It’s not all about the watery attractions here though: on dry land you can have a few rounds of pétanque, organise a game of volleyball or simply find a shady spot under one of the many trees for reading or dozing. Kids can make new friends at the playground or join in with one of the activities organised by site staff – there’s up to four different activities every day in high season, so they won’t get bored.

Conveniently located a short hop from the swimming pool is a snack bar to provide you with nibbles and cold drinks during the day. You can also eat at the main restaurant, which has a fab shaded terrace, or go for a drink in the cosy bar housed in a traditional old stone building next to the restaurant, where you can also watch TV or have a game of billiards.

It’s a 10-minute drive to the nearest village, Saint-Sauveur-de-Montagut, for more restaurants, shops and supermarkets. Closer to home, you can buy essentials in the site’s mini market, and arrange to have your fresh bread delivered daily.

Close to the pitches there’s a toilet block with useful features including a kids’ bathroom, baby changing area, accessible bathroom and family showers. And, although the river is close by, it's probably safest to do your washing in the on-site launderette...

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Вечерняя развлекательная программа

Водный спорт

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Подходит для мотоциклистов

Подходит для семейного отдыха

Подходит для студенческих компаний


Гриль предоставляется

Коммерческий транспорт разрешен

Можно жечь костры

Можно использовать гриль

Можно с собаками

Можно с собаками круглый год


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Тихое место

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Общий холодильник

Переработка мусора

Утилизация химреагентов

Места поблизости

Dog walk nearby

Бар рядом

Магазин рядом


Pop-up campsite

Большой (51-200 участков)

Развлечения поблизости

Велопрокат рядом

Верховая езда рядом

Катание на велосипедах рядом

Маунтинбайк рядом

Плавание на каноэ/каяке рядом

Ресторан рядом

Рыбалка рядом

Скалолазание рядом

Автодома и автофургоны

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  • Le Chambon, Gluiras, Ардеш, Франция, 07190
  • Часовой пояс Europe/Paris +0200 (GMT+02:00)   GPS 44.8289°N 4.5231°E

Как добраться

Что интересного рядом

There are plenty of ways to get out and about from Camping L’Ardéchois – perhaps the easiest way to get to grips with the surrounding countryside is to join an organised hike, a canoe trip on the river Eyrieux or an adventurous canyoning expedition in the mountains. A favourite hike in the local area is the walk around the Ray Pic waterfall, a 60-metre-high cascade through ancient basalt rocks that's 45 minutes' drive from the site.

There are also some tiptop bike trails around here for avid cyclists – good enough for the Tour de France, in fact, as the race passes near here most summers. If you'd like to follow in the professional riders' tracks you can hire bikes from the site and pick up some route maps from reception.

If you’ve got an appetite for more riverside activity, take the half-hour drive to Aquarock Adventure, where a set of climbing courses has been constructed along and over the river Eyrieux using bridges, ropes, nets and ziplines. There are seven different courses of varying levels of difficulty, suitable for adults and kids from the age of three.

About 10 minutes away from the site, in the little town of Saint-Pierreville, is a wool museum and co-operative shop. Take the Secrets of Wool tour to learn all about the production process, from shearing the sheep to knitting a jumper. You can see a lot of techniques in action and join in a series of workshops including things like making cushions, weaving and feltwork.

Kids (or parents, for that matter) with an interest in model railways should make tracks to the Jardin des Trains Ardéchois, 45 minutes away, where a miniature railway runs over a kilometre of track, past reproductions of some of the area’s most famed features, including models of the Pont d’Arc, Gorges d’Ardéche and Château de Crussol.

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