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Eco-Camping Tamarindo

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  • Спокойный эко-кемпинг на крупнейшем полуострове в Коста-Рике
  • Пять минут езды до города и пляжа Тамариндо
  • Уроки серфинга, экскурсии, гамаки, бар, кухня и барбекю

‘A little gem’ is how this splendid Costa Rican site has been described by just one chuffed former guest... have a stay here – for as long as poss – to see the many reasons why.

An eco-friendly and mightily laidback place on the Pacific Coast, Eco-Camping Tamarindo is a place to settle at for a while: it’s a mere couple of hundred metres from a golden beach, runs its own surf school with lessons in surfing and kayaking on Tamarindo Bay's famed waves, and has Costa Rica’s Pura Vida vibe all around. Local town Tamarindo is the biggest developed beach town in the Guanacaste province – its fab clutch of bars, cafés and surf shops are a gentle 10-minute stroll away.

Guests can also take tours or arrange activities straight from the site – there’s yoga or ziplining to try, diving and snorkelling, crocodile tours, dolphin and baby turtle spotting, catamaran rides, trips to volcanoes and hot springs… When the time comes to move on (pffft), Costa Rican capital San José is just over four hours’ drive away.

Need a space to come back down to earth after all that adventure? Hole up in a hammock on site, or stroll over to the barbecue area to poke the coals while clutching a beer. There's also a kitchen area if you'd rather be under cover, and the site's been kitted out with spacious bathrooms housing toilets and showers.

Finally, no need to fret if you don’t speak the local lingo: the amiable team say they’re fluent in Italian, Spanish, English… and chillout.

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I wish I wouldn't pay for this. The worst camping in CR we stayed in!12.07.2019

stepan_k293216Значок мобильного телефонаПодтверждено

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  • Понравилось: 

    Camp is quite good situated and perspective - near the centre of the Tamarindo,beaches

    Не понравилось: 

    People here are absolutely NOT RESPECTING the NIGHT TIME/QUIET HOURS. We stayed here for 2nights. After the first, I told the manager about the loud talking and drinking people (I notified them that night three times we could not sleep) and that their "party" ended nearly at 5am. The manager assured me that the other night the situation will not happen again...but it happen (6hours of sleep in 2days).So the ORGANISATION of the responsible person/s is also CATASTROPHE. I think that there was also people who was not accomodated in the camping,but they just drank and smoke here (not just the cigarettes) like it was a public bar. And of course,if you are expecting ekological camping,you are on the WRONG ADRESS. NO possibility to SEPARATE the WASTE. I dont have to mention that the TV was on even that nobody was watching it. Kitchen and fridge was soo ugly - I couldn't cook here, I was so scared that I could get ill of something!

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  • Calle L Cruz, Tamarindo, Санта-Крус, Коста-Рика, 50309
  • Часовой пояс America/Costa_Rica -0600 (GMT-06:00)   GPS 10.2947°N 85.8419°W

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The site is next to Villa Verde Resorts.

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Что интересного рядом

Tamarindo town’s a truly laidback place, full of beach pubs, little cocktail bars and other chillout spots to hang out at. Surfers and wannabe surfers flock here to hit Tamarindo Bay’s waves: expert board-wranglers can try out their skills at Pico Pequeño or El Estero while those who need a bit of help with technique can sign up for lessons at one of the local surf shops.

More interested in what’s underneath the waves? There are a couple of scuba diving centres in town, and sport fishing trips can be had too. Meanwhile, those who can’t get enough of the beach days may like to mix things up a bit by heading to one of the many gorgeous sandy stretches nearby – Playa Avellanas, Playa Langosta and Playa Ventanas are some of the popular picks within a half-hour drive.

Want to see a bit of what inland’s got to offer? Detour to Diria National Park (an hour’s drive) for waterfall hikes or chat to activity centres in Tamarindo for guided hikes, horse riding, river tubing, canyoning, ziplining and other pulse-raising ways to spend your days.

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  • Что интересного рядом с Eco-Camping Tamarindo? Tamarindo town’s a truly laidback place, full of beach pubs, little cocktail bars and other chillout spots to hang out at. Surfers and wannabe surfers flock here to hit Tamarindo Bay’s waves: ... Читать дальше
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