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Blog posts from май 2013

  1. Gimme Shelter – Mick Jagger under canvas

    май 29, 2013
    автор | news

    Mick - yurt fan (Pic by Larry Rogers via Wikimedia Commons)
    Mick Jagger is going camping! Well, yurting (yes, that’s a word). The large-lipped one has

    recently announced his intention of bedding down in a yurt



    this year rather than going for the usual rock ‘n’ roll option of a five-star hotel. To which we say woot. And welcome. …

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  2. May bank holiday – the sequel: where to go and what to do this weekend

    май 22, 2013
    автор | seasonal

    The perfect bank holiday sign. From Rubha Phoil Eco Camping, Isle of Skye. Another May bank holiday! We are already dancing frenetically, packing our bags for the weekend and wondering wistfully how life would be if every Monday was a bank holiday, like, forever. (Bring it in, Cameron, this might make you popular.)

    The weather gods this week may be behaving like mad …

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  3. Yes, we are there yet – best family festivals for 2013

    май 16, 2013
    автор | guides | seasonal

    Let there be rock
    Shurely, we once thought, the whole point of going to a festival was to muddily revel in freeeeeeedom from responsibility for a few days, whether that means freedom from studying, from work or from small offspring? (Especially from small offspring.) But now, things have changed.

    Not only are there now …

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  4. Seeing red? Where to find red squirrels in Britain

    май 10, 2013
    автор | guides

    Sciurus vulgaris. But still cute.
    Red squirrels are cute little critters. And that’s an Official Pitchup.com Proclamation, and you can quote us on that. But the little scamperers are spottable less and less in recent years, having been decimated by invading grey squirrels which are bigger, stronger and seemingly less intimidated by scampering about around …

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  5. Frolics and festivals - what to do this May bank holiday

    май 1, 2013
    автор | seasonal

    Getting into the May Day spirit
    Happy May Day! We hope – and fondly imagine – that y’all are twirling around maypoles, threading flowers through your hair and stepping out with some Morris dancing. (And pondering on revolution in between the frolicking: May 1 is also International Workers’ Day. To the barricades!)

    May Day celebrations have …

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