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Motorhome parking tow still going on in N Yorks

Oct 19 2012 Lagt ut av Laura Canning

Motorhome parking law is still causing contention in North Yorkshire, with local councillors voting this week to ban motorhomes from off-street car parks.

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) voted this week to ban motorhomes from parking in some areas of the town between 11pm and 7am. Not all car parks will be affected, although SBC said that the ban could be extended if motorhome users park overnight elsewhere.

The ban comes after a Parking Review Group was set up to look into the issue of overnight motorhome parking in the town, and suggested that a designated area with a charge for overnight stays could be introduced.

These plans have now been dropped. They were also turned down in Whitby, where head of tourism and culture Brian Bennett said: ‘Members have previously considered this option however it was felt that there were sufficient official sites within the borough that welcomed motor caravans and there was not a need for a facility specifically for motor caravans.

‘The policy is very specific and states that permission will not be granted for new sites. The rationale behind this policy was the view that there were sufficient sites and pitches available in the borough at that time, and that further provision could begin to erode the character of the area.’

Members of the public and B&B owners had complained about overnight motorhome stops in the area. But the new ban has also attracted criticism, with motorhome owners saying it will encourage them to shop outside of the town.