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Caravanners 'the most annoying road users'

Jul 25 2012 Lagt ut av Laura Canning

Taking advantage of the recent good weather to get the caravan on the road won’t be popular with everyone, new research has found.

A recent survey by insurance firm Admiral asked 2000 drivers what stresses them out most about driving in the UK.

Almost half (46 per cent) of respondents said that traffic jams really got their stress levels rising, with 29 per cent listing other road users as another main annoyance.

When asked which particular type of vehicles hiked stress up to maximum levels, 39 per cent said caravans, ahead of lorries at 36 per cent.

This could be partly due to the inexperience of new caravan towers, with one in five only taking it up in the past six months and calls for safer towing this summer.