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Wamping and worms with Andy McNab

Jul 12 2012 Posté par Laura Canning

We don’t think it quite equals SAS standards, but former soldier turned author Andy McNab thinks that camping in the rain is a hoot.

Wet weather camping – or ‘wamping’ – is ‘a fantastic experience,’ he said, before going on to give the sage advice that campers should ‘just avoid being wet, cold and hungry. Never bring the wet stuff into the tent.’

Andy was debating the issue on Radio 4’s Today Programme, in a segment focusing on the recent wet weather and how it might affect campers over the summer. Nonsense to that, was his verdict.

‘Get that wet gear off,’ he said [has he been checking out our Fifty Shades of Green?], ‘and sit there listening to the rain at night. It's all part of the fun.’

We fully agree. Although we may baulk slightly at following the rest of his advice…

‘Get out there, eating worms,’ he added manfully. ‘It's short and sharp so when you come back, you can sort of brag about it.

‘I was at the Eden Project last night and everybody was soaked, everybody was covered in mud and then on the coach back, everybody was bragging about how hard they are.’

Getting bragging rights for being well hard is of course the Pitchup.com way. But worms on a camping trip? Only if you’re going fishing, thanks.