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Camping Checklist for Kids

Young scout preparing campYou're off camping! Whether you're going in a group on something like a Scouts or Duke of Edinburgh trip, or off on your own with a few friends, a camping trip is one of the best holidays you can have. Read our handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need before you pitch up.

The essentials: Apart from your tent and sleeping bag, you'll also need:

Pillow: A pillow or cushion will guarantee a comfy night's sleep. If space is a bit tight, try looking in pound shops or travel shops for an inflatable pillow or a travel cushion.

Torch: To find your way to the loo at night. Again if space or money is tight, take a look in pound shops – even a keyring torch is better than nothing. Don't forget the batteries!

Spare clothes: As many as you can fit in your rucksack. If the weather's bad, you might need two or three changes of clothes in one day. Socks are one thing many campers forget to bring spares of. Wet feet aren't fun, so bring as many spare pairs of socks as you can. And no matter what time of year it is, bring at least one warm jumper or fleece.

Wellies or waterproof boots: You can wear your wellies on the journey to the campsite if you want to leave space in your rucksack for other things.

Cooking gear: You might not need this if you're going away on a trip where everything will be provided (although do ask what you're meant to bring). But if you're going camping with friends you'll need to make sure you have everything you need. If you're building a campfire, you'll need pans or containers to hold the food, and plenty of plates, camping mugs and cutlery. Bring loads of matches. Tinfoil is handy if you want to bake potatoes in the fire or wrap up leftovers. And don't forget the tin opener.

Snacks: If someone else is sorting out the food, throw a few snacks into your rucksack before you leave. Cooking for a big group can take some time and you might have to wait longer than expected for those campfire sausages. And a snack by torchlight in the tent at night is one of the best things about camping.

A day bag or rucksack: An easy one to forget. No matter where you're camping, you'll need a smaller rucksack to bring with you during the day, to hold water, camera, map, plasters, snacks and anything else you might want.

Insect repellent: If you're camping in the summer or a place where there are likely to be mozzies, bring plenty of insect repellent. You can get wipes, spray or cream for yourself, and coils to light and put outside the tent to keep any beasties away.

Other things to bring: Apart from the essentials, there are a few other things you might want to consider. A book, console or game is good for in-tent entertainment, especially if it's something more than one person can use at a time. If you're bringing your mobile or camera, bring an extra battery if you're on a campsite without charging facilities – you can buy them cheaply online. You might want a lamp for the tent or a fold-up chair for outside, or a map of the area if you're planning to do some hiking or cycling.

And finally, even if you're going to the swankiest campsite in the land, always bring an extra loo roll. Just in case.