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Big Yellow Tent Madness, Kentucky style

septembre 21, 2012
par Laura Canning | news

Now we shouldn't laugh too much, but we're going to, and conveniently forget all those times we too struggled to put up a tent. In our defence though, the times we took forty minutes fighting with the canvas we did manage to get the tent up eventually, unlike this hapless student in the US.

The wannabe Kentucky camper was trying to pitch up outside the Memorial Coliseum in Lexington for the chance to get tickets to Big Blue Madness, the introduction ceremony for the Wildcats' basketball teams. No, we don't understand why either, but apparently it's quite the tradition in Kentucky. His tent is the yellow one at the front centre of the video - and again, the time lapse video covers about forty minutes. But we think our favourite part is the several NO CAMPING signs visible on the grass...


If anyone's going cold at this clip in the fear that it could one day be them looking ridiculous on camera trying to put up their pitch, rest assured: we at Pitchup.com have kindly put together a guide on how to set up a tent. And rounded up ten of the best tents around, just to make sure you stand out OK on screen. You're welcome.