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I have more than one listing, how do I sign them all up to Payup?

If you have more than one listing, you can set up Payup to transfer payments to one or more bank accounts. 
To transfer payments via Payup to one bank account for numerous listings you need to:
1. Login to your first listing or select your first listing from the drop-down menu if you have one login for all locations. 
2. Visit the ‘Site info’ tab of your manager portal, and then the ‘Payments’ section
3. Find the panel called ‘How are payments taken?’
4. Select ‘Take payments direct via Payup’. A blue 'Connect with Stripe' button will appear.
5. Click the blue button to create/link your Stripe account
6. The form should take a couple of minutes to fill out (please have your bank details ready)
7. Repeat this process for your other listings by logging in under another listing or selecting a different location from the drop-down menu if you use the same login. When you get to step 4, make sure you log in to the pop-up window using the email address for the Stripe account you have already created.
Once this is done, you will be able to reconcile which listing a payment you receive is for along with the relevant booking ID in your Stripe transfer detail report which can be downloaded from your 'Bookings' tab. Find out more about this here.
To transfer payments via Payup to different bank accounts for your listings, click here.