How many vacancies should I allocate to

At we ask that our clients add a reasonable level of vacancies throughout your season so that our customers' searches yield good results. Our allocation thresholds also reflect the growing advertising value of a bookable listing, which stays live throughout without allocation.

Typically we require allocation at weekends and during peak season in addition to less popular periods.

Having higher allocation on also brings other advantages:

More visibility: listings with consistent allocation across the year, including peak season and at weekends, rank higher in search results when customers search our site. Consistent allocation levels generate more off-peak bookings.

More bookings: a good level of allocation increases your chances of bookings on Our best-seller had over 3,400 bookings in 2020 alone thanks to consistent allocation across their opening dates.

Press coverage opportunities: Our media team works hard to raise awareness of sites and parks with good allocation, both online and in the national print media. Our clients tell us that press coverage attracts customers who would not normally have come across their business. 

Remember - if you need to reduce, increase or cancel’s allocation as the date of the holiday approaches, you can update the site instantly - there are no penalties or release fees, either.

To avoid any possibility of double bookings, we recommend allocating vacancies to us on an exclusive basis, blocking out these vacancies so that they're not available to book direct with you or via another booking agent.