About Payup

Payup is a brand new service from Pitchup.com enabling you to link your bank account to our system so we can trigger payments from the customer automatically.

Payup is currently available for business located in these countries (except any marked 'private beta'). Unfortunately businesses based in a British Crown Dependency (Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man) or a British Overseas Territory such as the British Virgin Islands are not supported currently.

How does Payup work?

Payup is really good! So glad you integrated this as now it means we aren't continuously on the phone/trying to get hold of people to pay the outstanding balance, as it gets taken automatically - it goes straight into our account so we have more time to deal with other things, I even enabled the Stripe emails so I know when they have made the full payment 14 days before arrival too and it links in well with the dashboard as I can see paid/pending/cancelled next to their booking ID! So glad you got it as we were spending so long making phone calls every evening (as most were at work during the day too and unable to pay!). Thanks.

Daniel Yallop, Manager, King's Lynn Caravan and Camping Park

We started using Payup as soon as it launched and have never looked back. Previously had to chase balance payments which was very time consuming and involved another process for the customer. Whilst no business likes to pay fees of any description we believe the cost is worth it and business has increased as the booking process is easy for the customer.

Sarah Wherry, Owner, The Pig Place