I've got restrictions about who and what I allow on my site. Can I enforce this on Pitchup.com?

This is a concern that we often encounter and one that hotel, chalet and B&B owners also raised before online bookings took hold in those sectors. Within our Manager Portal, Managers can add features to their sites, for example 'adults only', 'student groups welcome' or 'single-sex groups welcome'. This determines whether sites appear in search results for those features.

For bookable listings, we offer extra protection. Managers can add prominent rules and warnings in the booking page which users must agree to before making the booking. These messages are reiterated in our confirmation page and email, offering protection for holidaymakers and managers and ensuring that sites rules are complied with.

There are three ways that we protect you in these circumstances:

1. You can add your own prominent warning to your campsite’s page and to the booking page

2. You must add your rules to your terms and conditions either by selecting any restrictions from our large list of preset terms or, if you can't see the term you want for your site, use 'request change' button and we will add this

3. You can 'tag' your site with any restrictions using Pitchup.com’s 'facilities' page – these appear in your site's page and in the search 'filters' on the search results page