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I only accept adults on my site/park. How can I set this up?

If you need to set up your park as an adults-only campground, you’ll need to follow three steps:

1) You must tick the ‘Adults only’ box under ‘Rules’ in the ‘Features’ section of the manager portal so an indication will appear on your listing page for all campsite types that the campground/park is ‘Adult only’. By doing this, will not show your adult-only site on the search results page if any child (up to the limit you have specified in step 2) is included in a search by a user.

2) To specify your minimum ‘adult’ age, go to the ‘Park info’ tab in the manager portal. Under the ‘General info’ section, scroll to ‘Age ranges’. Set the maximum child and infant age to the maximum child age you do not allow. For example, if you only want to accept guests aged 18 years and over, set the ‘Max. child age’ and ‘Max. infant age’ to 17.

3) You then need to go to 'Terms and conditions' and click on 'Select terms and conditions'. From the pop-up, select the term 'Guests under the age of [Age] are not allowed on site.' under 'Admissions', selecting the minimum age required for guests.

If a user lands directly on your listing on or comes to your listing from another campground or RV park they have been viewing, i.e. they haven’t gone through the home page or general search options, and you have specified the ‘Max. child/infant age’ correctly in the portal, we will be able to prevent the user from booking if they get as far as the booking page and the guests included in their party are below the permitted ages you have set.

We also advise that you add a line to the ‘Notices’ section to your listing stating that you do not accept guests under a certain age (please specify).